Giving the right permissions

Your browser will ask you to allow Contrast Studio to use your webcam and microphone. If for some reason this doesn't work, follow the instructions below to get it working.

Pay attention to the browser you use, as the settings might slightly differ.

Enable my cam or mic on Google Chrome

  1. Click the "lock" icon in your browser

  2. For both the camera and microphone, select "allow"

  3. Now reload the page

Enable my cam or mic on Safari

Safari by default triggers a permission modal. If it doesn't follow these instructions:

  1. Click on Safari in your top menu bar

  2. Click on 'Settings for this website'

  3. Now allow access to your webcam and microphone

  4. Reload the page, et voilà

Enable my cam or mic on Firefox

Firefox always asks for your permissions. If you've blocked them by accident, this is how you unblock:

  1. Click on the camera or microphone icon in the address bar

  2. Now remove what you've blocked temporarily

  3. Reload the page

  4. Allow the permissions and done!

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