How do I register for a webinar?

Registering for a Contrast webinar

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Registering for a webinar on Contrast is easy. What is great is that once you're registered, you never have to register again to watch another webinar on Contrast.

So how do I register?

In most cases, you'll already have a link to the Contrast webinar. It's a webpage where you find more information regarding a webinar.

On this same page, you can fill in your email address. Do this, and you'll be redirected to complete the rest of your details.

⚠️ Password

For your own safety, make sure that your password has 8 characters, contains a number and special character.

Confirm your attendance in the email

You'll now receive an email to confirm your attendance. Make sure to confirm as soon as possible so that the organizer knows how many people will show up to their webinar.

🎉 The benefits of your Contrast account

As long are you're logged in, you can watch as many webinars as you want on Contrast without having to register another time.

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