🎬 The basics for a great talk

Tips and tips to make you shine

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Here are some quick tips and tricks that will add that little bit of magic to your talk:

1️⃣ Move close to your router, or even better use a cable

2️⃣ We recommend to use Google Chrome for the smoothest experience
3️⃣ Test out different webcam angles and use a professional microphone

4️⃣ Check your bluetooth device's battery before going live

5️⃣ Natural light looks best, so sit close to a window if possible

6️⃣ Reduce the number of tabs you've opened, your computer will thank you

7️⃣ Use two screens so you can open chat and your screenshare at the same time

8️⃣ Don't switch or unplug devices while live

9️⃣ Test the studio ahead of time, just don't go live yet

🔟 Don't forget to smile!

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