💡How Contrast Studio works

Here we explain the ins and outs of Contrast Studio

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Speaker panel

On the left hand side you'll find the speaker panel, you should see yourself here. This is also where you will find other speakers. Using the green plus button, you can add yourself, others or a screenshare to the stream. The stream is the big square in the middle of your screen. Only things on stream are visible to the audience.

To remove something from screen, you can go to the speaker panel and hover on the tile you want to remove. Now click on the minus to remove yourself, someone else or screenshare from the stream.

💡The spotlight feature allows you to put just one person or screen on the stream.

Changing your webcam or microphone

On the bottom you have the ability to turn on and off your microphone or webcam, if you need to. If you want to change your microphone or webcam, simply click on the 'settings' icon.

Sharing your screen

Make sure that you've allowed your browser to record your screen.

Click the screenshare button and select what you want to share. Remember, if you want others to view your screen you need to add it on stream using the + icon.

  • If you want to share multiple windows on your screen, use 'share entire screen'

  • If you want to share one application (like a powerpoint), use 'share window'

  • If you want to share just a tab or audio, use 'share a tab'

Choosing your layout

You can select different types of layout to best engage your audience. Based on the number of people and screens shared in the studio, we'll recommend a layout. Of course, you can also pick your own.

Play around before going live and see what you like best.

💡The spotlight feature allows you to put just one person or screen on the stream.

Public audience and private speaker chat

Finally, on the right hand side you'll find chat. There's a private chat that only people in the studio will have access to. You can recognize this chat by the purple color.

If you want to see the general chat, click on the audience chat. This chat is white. Here you see all incoming messages and have the ability to chat with your audience.

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