How do I know if I can stream properly?

Tips to ensure your livestream will be smooth as butter

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Livestreaming is a relatively new technology

When you're streaming, your computer and internet connection require more performance than when you're for example watching a video.

Without going into technical details, this article will explain you how to make sure your computer and internet connection are to the best of their abilities.

✅ General tips for better performance

Do this to get a better performance from your computer and internet:

  • Get a wired connection instead of WiFi

  • Remove excess devices from your network and limit the number of devices connecting or actively using the internet while you're streaming.

  • Close excess programs and apps on your computer and instead, make sure to only have Contrast Studio opened in the browser (Google Chrome for optimal results).

  • Use up-to-date software and hardware, so make sure to finally click that update button.

💨 How do I know if my internet is fast enough?

Complete camera, audio and internet test

To ensure, the best possible experience, do this test from the computer and place you'll be livestreaming from. It will tell you if your camera, microphone and internet are properly configured for livestreaming.

Internet test

Your internet speed is not enough to accurately predict whether you'll be able to stream perfectly. Therefore, we can only use a range to predict whether your internet will be fast enough.

Typically, we recommend people to have a minimum upload speed of 4mb/s. You can test your internet speed using Speedtest.

If you're still hesitant, please shoot us an email with your question.

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