Complete insight into your audience

On the admin application you find all the data that will help you understand your audience. Let's start with the basics.

The data panel

The data panel allows you to get a quick overview of how your audience is growing over time and who these people are.

Audience graphs

In the first graph, you find the number of people that joined your Space per day. You can hover over the data to see details.

In the second graph, we show you the growth of your Space over time. Also here you can hover a point on the graph to get more details.

Your Space members

Below the graphs, you'll find all people that have joined your Space. People automatically join your Space by attending one of your webinars.

Today, we offer you the following data regarding these people:

  • Email address

  • Name

  • When they joined your Space

  • How they found your webinar (source tracking)

  • When they were last active

  • How many touchpoints they have with your webinars

Filtering and downloading your data

To segment your data, you can use the filter panel on the left hand side. You can filter by source, nr. of touchpoints, last active, join date and whether the members are verified.

When you filter, the audience view will adjust according the filters you've set. This allows you to dig deep into your data. Even better, the data you download is also based on the filters you set, so no more filtering in Excel.

Downloading your data

You can get a copy of your data using the download button. The data is formatted as a CSV and delimited with a comma (,) it can be opened with all common spreadsheet products.

What's a touchpoint?

We count a touchpoint for every time an attendee interacts with one of your webinars, whether it's a live or replay.

A member's activity feed

We believe that power comes from understanding people's activity across all your content. This is why when you click on somebody's name, we provide you with all their activity on Contrast.

💡Pro tip: focus on the people with a lot of touchpoints to understand what paths they take in becoming a valuable member

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