What is Channel?

We designed Chanel as a central place for all of your past and future webinars. Webinars are automatically added to your Channel, so that you can focus on creating great content.

On the admin app, click on the Go to Channel button to see your Channel

Branding your Channel

We give you all the controls to make your Channel look and feel like your brand. On the admin app, navigate to settings to brand your Channel.

Name and Channel-url

When you created your account, you've already created a name for your Channel. You can still change this name.

The name of your Channel creates a unique URL for your Channel that you can share with others. URLs look like this https://app.getcontrast.io/your-channel-name

Logo and banner

For logos we recommend 250x250. For banners, 1280x366. Alternatively you can use the cropping tool.

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