Insights into your webinar performance

Similar to audience analytics, we give you all the insights into your webinars that you need to run even better webinars.

On the admin app, click on webinars and then on the name of the webinar you want see its data of. Now click on audience.

Registration funnel

On the top of the page, we show you:

  • How many people entered their email address on the registration page

  • How many people completed their registration and are now part of your Space

  • How many people attended this webinar

Registered people

In the table below, you can find all people that have completed the registration. You can search this list, and download the data.

Filtering and downloading your data

To segment your data, you can use the filter panel on the left hand side. You can filter by source, member status, verification status, attendance and whether that was live or replay.

When you filter, the audience view will adjust according the filters you've set. This allows you to dig deep into your data. Even better, the data you download is also based on the filters you set, so no more filtering in Excel.

Downloading your data

You can get a copy of your data using the download button. The data is formatted as a CSV and delimited with a comma (,) it can be opened with all common spreadsheet products.

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