✍️ How do I style text?

How to style text and use emojis

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How do I style my text?

You can style most text fields to your liking using markdown. In this guide, we'll explain you how to use markdown.

Wait, markdown looks weird

Yes it does look a little weird, however that's only when you're editing your text. Once it's published, it will look exactly as you expect it to.

A quick guide to markdown

Bold, italics, strikethrough

  • To make text appear bold, you can simply wrap text in **bold_text**

  • To make text appear italic, you can wrap it like this *italic_text*


You can increase the size of your text using the pound symbol (#). One symbol will return you the largest possible texts. Six symbols return you the smallest text.

We generally recommend you to not use titles, as we've designed the platform with titles in mind.


There are two types of lists, 1. Ordered lists and 2. Unordered list.

  • To start an ordered list, use 1. followed by a press on the spacebar

  • To start an unordered list, simply use the dash symbol (-) and press spacebar

More markdown

For a complete guide to markdown, please have a look at the official documentation. Please note that we do not necessarily support all formatting.


Emojis are supported throughout the application. You can simply use your keyboard, or copy and paste your favorite emoji. Good luck 👍!

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