Step 2 - Installing HubSpot app and basics

How to install the HubSpot app on Contrast

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Installing the HubSpot app on Contrast

Now that we've cleared that, log in to Contrast. From the Settings panel, you'll find your way to integrations.

Now click on Connect, next to HubSpot. HubSpot will now ask you for the following permissions:

  • Contacts: to create a custom properties group and update contact information

  • Forms: to create a managed form to enable contacts sync with conversion sources

  • Timeline Events: to log user activities whenever they register to an upcoming webinar or watch a live or replay.

โœ… If everything is ok, your HubSpot should now be connected to your account.

โ›”๏ธ If not, please check the following:

  1. Are you logged into the right Contrast and/or HubSpot account?

  2. Do you have the right permission settings on HubSpot that allows you to add integrations?

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