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Capture more data from your registrants

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Capture more data from your registrants than just their name and email with Contrast Custom Registration Form.

How to get started

Head over to the admin app, under settings you'll find a tab called "Registration form". In here, you can customize your registration form and capture other data from your registrants.

We've a list of standard custom fields that you can simply toggle on or off. For each field, you decide if they're required or not.

Field name


Email address

Required to create registrant

First name

Required to create registrant

Last name

Required to create registrant

Phone number


Job title






Website URL


You'll see a preview of your registration form on the right hand side. This is how the registration form will look like on the registrant's side:

Viewing Custom data

You can find the the captured data on the three following places:

  1. Webinar and audience analytics

  2. On registrant's profile cards

  3. CSV Download

That's all you need to know to get capture custom data from your registrants.

Send Custom data to HubSpot

You can now also send the custom data and enrich your HubSpot contacts. Learn more here.

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