In Contrast, you can trim or clip your webinar. This article will tell you how and more on how to repurpose your webinar.

Trim your webinar

You can use the trimming feature to simply trim the beginning or end of your webinar.

To do this, go to the webinar you want to trim and click on Clip. Now select the part you want to keep, the rest will be trimmed out.

In this example, you can see that the beginning (grey) of the video will be trimmed out.

Trimmed out beginning of the webinar

Now save your clip. You'll have to wait a bit as we're rendering the video and it can take a while depending on the length of the video. We'll email you once it's ready.

Use trimmed video as Replay

Now that your video is ready, you can find it back under videos for the specific webinar. Click on the menu, and click on 'Use as replay'. People that now access your webinar will see the newly trimmed video.

Use your video as replay

Clip your webinar and repurposing

Alternatively to trimming, you can take a certain moment from your webinar and clip it. You can then use these clips on social media or newsletters to drive extra traffic to the replay of webinar or an upcoming one.

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