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How to share presentations, documents and apps with Contrast Studio

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Contrast Studio makes it easy to share presentations with others. In this article we'll give you tips and tricks on how to best share content with your audience.

Why screensharing makes most sense

Through screensharing the possibilities of what you can share are limitless. Think of PowerPoint, Keynote but also your Excel files or even your code editor.

Other benefits of screensharing is that multiple speakers can share their slides without putting them on stream. This way you can share multiple presentations without disrupting the flow of your live video itself. Or even run multiple screenshares at the very same. time.

💡 For the best results, use Google Chrome and make sure it's up to date.

Share a presentation (.PPT, .KEY, Google Slides etc, Pitch etc...)

You can share your presentation using the screenshare functionality of your browser.

1️⃣ Share your screen by clicking on the screen share in the bottom toolbar

2️⃣ Now add your presentation to the stream by clicking on the green +

Sharing PowerPoint or Keynote

If you're using an application such as PowerPoint or Keynote, we recommend to share Window.

Screensharing a window

Sharing Google Slides or Pitch

If your presentation is hosted online, for example with Google Slides or Pitch - we recommend you to share the tab instead.

Screensharing a tab

Sharing other documents (PDFs e.g.), videos or apps

In general, if that what you want to share is in your browser we recommend to share your tab. You can do this with for example a PDF that's hosted online.

Let's say you want to share your code editor, typically this is an application and therefore you should share a window.

💡Screensharing will always respect the same resolution as the actual application is in. This means that it's best to always present apps in full-screen mode.

⚠️ Full-screen presentation and Studio

For the best result, play the presentation in fullscreen mode so that you're not showing the rest of your presentation app.

A downside of this is that you now cannot see the studio and chat anymore. This is why we always recommend using two screens, so that one screen is dedicated to the Studio and the other to the Presentation.

Sharing Handouts such as PDFs

Currently it's not possible to share handouts with your audience. Instead, what we recommend is to host your file on a service like Google Drive, Dropbox or WeTransfer and share the link with your audience in the chat at the right moment.

Messages from hosts are by default highlighted and your link will jump out. Generally, we've seen this approach to work better (more downloads) than preloaded files have.

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