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Register attendees from anywhere with Zapier
Register attendees from anywhere with Zapier

Register attendees from your favorite tools on Contrast with Zapier

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Register attendee (new)

You can register attendees from any source using Zapier. People use this action to register attendees from a Google Sheet, Typeform or directly from their website.

How it works

Create a new Zap and select the tool where you attendees live as your trigger. Set things up how you like.

Now look for the Contrast app for the destination. You need to capture 3 things from your attendees. Map these from your trigger to Contrast fields inside Zapier.




Valid email address of your attendee


Name as string


Name as string

Get your Webinar ID

Take the registration page URL of the webinar you want to setup a form for:

Now, only keep that what's between /webinars/ and /overview to get your webinar ID:

Example of setting up the correct fields

That's really all there is. Continue and test your zap.

πŸ’‘ People that you sign up on this method will automatically receive an access link to the specific webinar. They will also receive reminder emails if you have enabled these.

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