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Limit speakers from going live and ending the event

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Hosting webinars with multiple (external) people can be challenging. You want to limit the risk that something unexpected happens during your live webinar. Speaker permissions help with this.

How to invite speakers

Go to the webinar you want to invite your speakers to. There are 2 different invitations. Each with their own set of rules.

Admin permissions link

This is the general link. You'll find it on the upcoming webinar cards as the Studio link. With this link, you have all permissions, including going live.

Enter the studio directly as an admin, or grab the admin link

If you want to limit other speakers from starting and ending the event you can use the speaker link. You can only access this link from the studio, which is explained below.

Speaker permissions link

If you want to invite speakers to your webinar, and you or a colleague is functioning as the host. You can use the speaker permissions link to restrict your speakers from going live and ending the event.

To grab this link, go inside the studio, now in the top left corner, click on the icon next to backstage. Now click on the speaker invite link and it'll be copied to your clipboard.

Invite speakers by giving them a unique link that prevents them from going live or ending the event

Always make sure that at least one person in the webinar has an Admin invite link so that you can start the event.

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