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You're using an early version of recurring webinars. There are limitations:
1. There is no system that helps you reschedule a recurring webinar that people have already registered to. You'll need to inform registrants manually.

2. Updating the schedule to a different day than the original schedule has no effect on already scheduled webinars
3. Only the next 5 upcoming dates of your recurring event will appear on the registration page
4. It's not possible to include a specific data into an existing schedule
5. Analytics are currently only available on a webinar level, and not on a global level
6. Studio settings (polls, topics etc..) are not automatically copied over

What are recurring webinars?

Recurring webinars are online events or webinars that are scheduled to occur regularly at predetermined intervals. It is common that you find events or webinars to take place daily, weekly or monthly. In most cases, these webinars or events follow a consistent format.

Recurring webinars: how they work

You schedule a recurring webinar that will take place on difference occurrences in the future. The recurring webinar itself, is the parent event and defines the setup for those single occurrences. Think of the webinar name, description and other info.

The schedule automatically creates individual webinars. They function in exactly the same way as a regular webinar. Changes made to individual occurrences only have an effect on that particular occurrence.

How to schedule a recurring webinar

On Contrast, you can easily schedule recurring webinars. Head over to and make sure you're logged in.

In the top right corner, click the button schedule and select recurring event. In here, you set up all the information related your event. Think of its name, description, cover images and speakers. All of these will be applied to your recurring webinars.

Don't worry, you can still edit or customize individual events later on.

Set the schedule for your recurring webinar

In the schedule, you define when and how often your recurring webinar will take place. By default, we suggest a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly occurrence. These take on a specific day of the week that you've currently selected.

Using the custom option, you can configure the schedule to your exact liking. Including multiple days a week and an end date for your recurring webinar.

Don't forget to save your event ;-)

Managing a recurring webinar

In the event list, you find all your webinars including recurring ones. Here, you're looking at the main recurring webinar. Changes to the main recurring webinar will impact all future occurrences of this webinar.

Managing a single event

Let's say you want to change the speaker of a single webinar. You do this by clicking on a single occurrence of your webinars. Occurrences are displayed in the circles with their date in it.

Single events within the recurring schedule work exactly the same as a regular webinar. Therefore, this is also the place where you go to change things like emails, find people that registered to this event and the viewer engagement data after the webinar is over.

How your audience can register to a recurring webinar

Your audience will be able to select the next 5 occurrences (confirm this) of the schedule you have created for your recurring webinar.

This is what it looks like for your audience on the registration page.


What is the difference between a regular webinar and a recurring one?

Regular webinars will only take place once, on the date that you have scheduled them. Recurring webinars are repeating events, with typically a similar structure.

Where do I find my recurring webinars?

You can find the recurring events in events > recurring. Single occurrences are also listed in the upcoming tab.

Can I change a single occurrence of a recurring webinar?

Yes, go to events > recurring > click on an individual event in the schedule.

How do I see who has registered to my recurring event?

Go to events > recurring > click on individual event > registrations

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