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How to set up reminder emails
How to set up reminder emails

Learn more about reminder emails and sequences

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Out of the box Contrast offers you email reminders. The following sequence is set up by default.

  1. Confirmation email with a calendar invite

  2. Reminder email, 10 minutes before the webinar goes live

  3. Replay available, 10 minutes after the webinar is over

Email settings are automatically copied over from one webinar to the next so that you don't have to change them every time.

How to change the default reminder emails

You can edit the default reminder emails. Simply click on the edit icon. This is what you can edit:

  • Subject

  • Email body

  • Button label (it is not possible to change URL the button redirects to)

  • When the email should be sent

How to create more reminder emails

You can add as many reminder emails as you like. Simply click on new email and decide to who you want to send this email:

  • People who registered to your webinar (everyone)

  • People that watched your live webinar

  • People that missed your live webinar

Now you can edit the text and decide when you want to send out this email.

Calendar invites

Calendar invites are automatically added to all emails we send out to your registrants. We make use of the industry standard .ics which is recognized by most email and calendar apps such as @gmail, @outlook and @yahoo.

How to use the email editor

By default, we'll send registrants a reminder to guarantee a high turnout rate for your event. If you want to customize these emails, that's possible.

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Using the editor

The editor is simple to use. You can either use the + icon on every new line, or simply select the text and use the editing options.

Make it bold, italic, add lists, dividers or captioned text.

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Using variables

To save you time, you can use our predefined variables. You can use them by typing the opening curly-bracket {

You can then select the following predefined variables:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Event name

  • Event date (English formatting only for now)

  • Channel name

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The Call-to-Action

You can edit the text of the button. The URL linked to it will always link to that of the webinar.

Preview the email before saving it

If you want to check out what the email will look like, you can simply click on preview to get a preview in your inbox.

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