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Channel is a single place for all your webinars

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Your Contrast account comes with its own webinar channel. The channel is a place where we host your webinars. You can use your channel to give your viewers access to your entire collection of webinars.

How to access your channel

You'll find a quick link to your channel in the top left corner of the admin dashboard. Click on it to open your channel.

How to customize your channel

Add webinars to your channel

Use the publish feature to add webinars to your channel. Unpublish to remove.

Brand your channel

From the Settings tab on the admin dashboard, you can customize your channel. Here you can add a description, your socials and also your brand's colors.

Change Channel URL

If needed, you can change the Channel URL to a new URL. There is no redirect, so you need to share the newly created link again.

Share your channel

You can share your channel with others by sharing the link. It is currently not possible to host the channel on a custom domain.

Deep link tabs on your channel

If you want to direct people to a specific tab (upcoming, replay, about) on your channel you can use deep links.




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