Learn how to host a Q&A session on Contrast using the webinar studio

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On Contrast, Q&A happens in the chat. This is to centralize the conversation and encourages others to ask their questions as well. People can upvote other people's question using the emoji-upvote πŸ”Ό on the viewer side.

You can directly reply to a question using the reply-to feature. This is chat only.

If you want to focus the conversation around the question, you can add the question on-stage. The way this looks is based on your brand settings.

You can add questions (and messages too πŸ˜‰) by hovering over a message and click on add to stream.

The name of the person that asked the question will shown as well. In the speaker chat, the same feature is available. The only difference here is that we do not show the speaker name.

By default, all your webinars have chat enabled. On Enterprise plans, it is possible to disable the chat.

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