Contrast Custom Registration Form with HubSpot

How to send Custom Registration Data to HubSpot

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Capture more data from your registrants than just their name and email with Custom Registration. Use the Contrast HubSpot integration and send custom data and enrich your HubSpot contacts.

Setting up your Contrast Custom Registration Form

Check out this article to learn how to set up a custom registration. Then come back here.

Setting up a Custom Registration Form on Contrast

Make sure you're connected to HubSpot

Make sure that you've connected your Contrast account to your HubSpot account. Go to settings and then check integrations, HubSpot should be connected.

Contrast Registration Form

Now head over to the connected HubSpot account. Under Marketing > Lead Capture, go to Forms. Here you'll find Contrast Registration Form that we've pre-created for you.

The form looks like this. It's automatically updated with the data a registrant provides and/or data we send to HubSpot.

Standard Contrast Registration Form

⚠️ Please do not modify or delete this form.

Sending data to HubSpot

We automatically send registration data to HubSpot. There's no work on your end.

If you want to adjust the Custom Registration Form and the required fields, you can do this on Contrast.

This is all there is to using the Contrast Custom Registration Form and HubSpot.

FAQ and other worries you might have

What are the Contrast Custom Properties?

In this article, you'll learn more about Contrast Custom Properties.

Can I use my own HubSpot form instead of the Contrast Custom Registration Form?

Yes, here's how.

Will you overwrite my data?

Nope, don't worry.

Will you overwrite my data for existing contacts?

Nope, don't worry.

Why can't I edit or remove this form?

To make sure nobody in your team accidentally removes this form and you lose your Contrast <> HubSpot connection, we've disabled editing or removing the Contrast Form.

If you want to delete this form, you must remove the integration.

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