Using HubSpot Forms and Contrast

If you don't want to use the Contrast Registration Form

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Instead of using the Contrast Registration Form, you can also use your own HubSpot form and our HubSpot integration to create registrants on Contrast.

Make sure you're connected to HubSpot

Make sure that you've connected your Contrast account to your HubSpot account. Go to, settings and then check integrations, HubSpot should be connected.

Create a new HubSpot form

For every webinar you run on Contrast, create a new HubSpot form on HubSpot. You do you and create the form that best fits your use case.

Each form will be connected to a unique webinar ID, more on that in a second.

Create your properties

You can add any type of property you like and decide whether they are required or not.

⚠️ There's one exception: you must make first name, last name and email address required. Without this, we cannot give access to your registrants.

Creating a form on HubSpot

Create a Workflow

To create registrants on Contrast, you must create a new workflow in HubSpot. Create a new workflow from the Workflow interface.

⚠️ Creating a new workflow from the Form interface will not show Contrast actions - so please use the Workflow interface instead.

The trigger for this workflow should be Form Submission. Then specify by "has filled out the **name of your form** on any page".

Now create a new action. Scroll past the standard actions to get to actions from other apps. Here you'll find the Contrast app and the action Register Webinar Attendee.

Click on this. Now you'll be asked to insert a Webinar ID. Here's how you get yours.

Get your Webinar ID

Take the registration page URL of the webinar you want to setup a form for:

Now, only keep that what's between /webinars/ and /overview to get your webinar ID:


Now submit your Webinar ID. Tweak the settings of your workflow to your liking and finally turn it on.

Register workflow on HubSpot

That's it

You're ready to go. Every person that fills in your registration form will now automatically be added as a registrant to Contrast. These people will receive an activation email and link to the webinar from Contrast.

💡Please note that you can still use our registration page and registration form in parallel with your HubSpot form.

FAQ and other worries you might have

What are the Contrast Custom Properties?

In this article, you'll learn more about Contrast Custom Properties.

Will you overwrite my data?

Nope, don't worry.

Will you overwrite my data for existing contacts?

Nope, don't worry.

Do I need to use HubSpot Forms to use Custom Registration Forms?

Nope, you can use this instead.

Do I need to use HubSpot to use Custom Registration Forms?

Nope, you can use this instead.

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