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Learn where to find back your webinar recording

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The moment you go live is the moment we start recording your webinar. All recordings are automatically saved into your workspace.

You find recordings back on events -> replays

What happens to the recording of your webinar

Every webinar is automatically recorded and available in your workspace as soon the webinar is over. From here, you can share it with others or download it.

Sharing the replay with your audience

Shortly after your live webinar is over, the replay will be available on the same link as the registration page. The registration page is automatically changed so that it is clear this is an on-demand event.

People that have already registered to your webinar but missed it, will automatically have access. They will be notified about the replay being available through the automatic email reminders.

Download the replay

You can download the replay in FullHD (1080p) after the webinar is over.

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