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By default, all your webinars have chat enabled. On Enterprise plans, it is possible to disable the chat.

How to use Chat

In the webinar studio, you'll find two different type of chats:

  1. Speaker chat: exclusive to everyone in the studio

  2. Audience chat: 2-way interaction between people in studio and attendees

You can type messages like you would on any other chat platform.

Emojis in chat

People can use emojis to express themselves in the chat. They can also use emojis to react to a message.

Rich links

Links are automatically enriched with a title, meta description and image conform OpenGraph.

Q&A in Chat

Upvote in Chat

Viewers can upvote questions with a preconfigured emoji on the viewer-side. There is currently no way to organize questions.

Reply to in Chat

Everyone can use the Reply-to feature to reply to other people and keep the conversation organized.

Chat moderation

By hovering over a message from inside the studio, you can remove a message.

If you wish to ban someone, you can do this from the same menu. They will no longer be able to send messages.

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