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Analyze webinar success
Analyze webinar success

Learn how to use webinar analytics

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On the admin dashboard, click on webinars and then on the name of the webinar you want see its data of. Now click on registrations.


In the table below, you can find all people that have registered to your webinar. You can search this list, and download the data.

Webinar analytics

In the tab analytics, you'll find webinar performance data. You'll see at any point how many people were tuned into your webinar. The analytics are split up between live and replay data.

Most watched moments

Hover over the graph to see how many people were watching your webinar at any point in time. Data is split up for live and replay.

Watch time

This percentage indicates how much of the webinar people watch on average.


Indicates the number of viewers for your webinar, split up by new viewers and people that have already watched a webinar of you before.

Viewer data per attendee

Scroll down to access view data per individual attendee.

Due to privacy settings on Apple devices with iOS or iPadOS, it is not possible to track viewers on these devices.


After your webinar is over, you can find here poll data. Including a summary by question and answered polls by individual attendees.

Downloading your data

For all registrations and analytics, you can get a copy of your data using the download button. The data is formatted as a CSV and delimited with a comma (,) it can be opened with all common spreadsheet products.

Sync data with your CRM

Learn more about integrations or our native HubSpot integration

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