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Analyze how your registrants found your webinar with UTM-builder

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Once you have created your webinar and associated landing page, you can use our UTM builder to create and manage your UTM links.

💡 UTM parameters are added to links to indicate the source of traffic. Read this article to learn more about how to use UTM parameters.

How to create a new link with UTMs

Let’s look at how you can create new links with UTMs. First, head over to the UTM builder tab for the webinar:

Then click on “+ New link” and the following modal will appear:

Now you can enter the different values for the source, medium, and campaign of your traffic source (respectively utm_source, utm_medium, utm_campaign) and they will automatically be added to your webinar registration page’s link.

Click “Save” to create a new link.

You can now share it with your audience members to track where they find your webinar registration page. You can find a list of UTMs per webinar in the webinar analytics section.

Managing your UTM links

You will find a list of all your links and the associated UTMs on the UTM builder.

You can copy previously created links using the copy button, or delete links you do not want to keep anymore.

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