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Manage the live webinar
Manage the live webinar

Learn how to use the webinar studio and go live

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For every webinar you create, we create a unique studio link. From the webinar studio, you manage your webinar. Including going live and engaging with your audience.

Contrast's webinar studio

Every webinar you create on Contrast has its unique webinar studio that you can invite your speakers to.

The webinar studio is the place from where you manage your live event and engage with your audience. Let's look at the different features and how you can best use them.

Loading the studio for the first time

It is important that Contrast Studio has access to your camera and microphone.


The backstage feature allows you to have speakers and moderators on your webinar, without them being visible or audible to your audience. In fact, you can compare it to a real backstage inside a theatre.

You can simply add and remove people or screenshares by clicking on the + or - icon that appears when you hover one of the tiles. You probably also noticed the pin icon now, this is to pin this tile full-screen to what the audience sees.

By the way, anything the audience can see or hear is what we call on-stage.

People that are backstage cannot hear each other. However, they can listen and view what is happening on-stage.


Everything that appears in the middle of the screen is on-stage. Everything on-stage is visible and audible to the audience when you're live. If you're not live, your audience will see a waiting screen with a countdown instead.

In this example, you'll see that two people are on-stage and one is backstage.

Use the on-stage feature in combination with not being live to nicely setup your webinar, so that the minute you hit go-live, you'll look awesome.


You can change the webinar layout to fit what you're presenting. It is possible to change layouts while you're live. Keep in mind that the layouts will appear this way in your webinar recording as well.

Invite speakers to studio

If you want to invite other speakers or a moderator to your studio, you can do this from the admin app but also directly from the studio itself. You can invite up to 9 people.

Brand your webinar

We want your webinars to look like you, and not like Contrast. This is why Contrast comes with lots of branding options that will give your webinar video a unique and branded look.


Choose a theme to match your style. Themes will affect the way your name tags, polls, Q&A and Topics-animations look.


You can select two colors to match that of your brand. Color will affect the way your name tags, polls, Q&A and Topics-animations look.


You can select a font to match that of your brand. Fonts will affect the way your name tags, polls, Q&A and Topics-animations look.

Speaker names

This is a preview of the way your speaker names will look like after having set up your theme, font and colors.

You can change your speaker name and role in the settings tab.


Upload your own logo in .JPG. or .PNG and . GIF to make it appear in the top right corner. We automatically hide your logo when you're screen-sharing.


Upload a background in JPG or PNG to give an extra touch to your webinar. Depending on the layout you choose, a background may be more or less visible.

We recommend a resolution of 1944x1080 for the best results.

Engaging your audience


Create polls to engage with your audience and collect info to enrich your contacts. The data is available on the admin dashboard after your webinar is over.

You can start a poll by clicking on the 'start poll' button. Polls appear as a pop-up over the chat on the viewer-side, as shown in the second screenshot.

Increase poll engagement by adding them on stage. You do this by clicking the green + button. Remove them by clicking the remove button.

Your poll is now added on-stage and will look as defined in your brand settings.

The current active speaker will be highlighted.


On Contrast, Q&A happens in the chat. This is to centralize the conversation and encourages others to ask their questions as well. People can upvote other people's question using the emoji-upvote πŸ”Ό on the viewer side.

You can directly reply to a question using the reply-to feature. This is chat only.

If you want to focus the conversation around the question, you can add the question on-stage. The way this looks is based on your brand settings.

You can add questions (and messages too πŸ˜‰) by hovering over a message and click on add to stream.

The name of the person that asked the question will shown as well. In the speaker chat, the same feature is available. The only difference here is that we do not show the speaker name.

By default, all your webinars have chat enabled. On Enterprise plans, it is possible to disable the chat.

How to use Chat

In the webinar studio, you'll find two different type of chats:

  1. Speaker chat: exclusive to everyone in the studio

  2. Audience chat: 2-way interaction between people in studio and attendees

You can type messages like you would on any other chat platform.

Emojis in chat

People can use emojis to express themselves in the chat. They can also use emojis to react to a message.

Rich links

Links are automatically enriched with a title, meta description and image conform OpenGraph.

Upvote in Chat

Viewers can upvote questions with a preconfigured emoji πŸ”Ό on the viewer-side. There is currently no way to organize questions.

Reply to in Chat

Everyone can use the Reply-to feature to reply to other people and keep the conversation organized.

Chat moderation

By hovering over a message from inside the studio, you can remove a message.

If you wish to ban someone, you can do this from the same menu. They will no longer be able to send messages.

Looking to remove someone from the webinar? Read more

Download chat transcript


Widgets help you keep your audience engaged during the webinar. There are two widgets available:

  1. Live ticker that shows the name of the webinar, and your company's website and socials as setup in the settings tab in the admin dashboard.

  2. Most trending message widget that shows the message that is currently most popular in the chat. A message is trending when people are emoji-reacting to it.

You can add and remove widgets from the stage by clicking on them inside the widget-panel.

Widgets are available in English only


Structure your webinar with Topics. We recommend to define Topics beforehand, but if needed you can add them live as well. Topics are styled based on your brand-settings.

For example, welcome people with a full-screen topic.

Topics will appear as on-stage animations with text in there. The text you set is up to you, but there is a limit. There are 2 Topic-styles you can choose from, full-screen or a lower third.


You can upload your slides (.PDF) to Contrast. Anyone inside the Studio will have control over your slides. This is handy when you're presenting with multiple people as you don't all the time have to ask "next slide please".

You can easily move slides forward or backward using the controls. By clicking on the slide itself in the preview panel, you add or remove them to the stage.

Next to slides, you can also upload images (.JPG, .PNG) GIFs and Videos (.MP4).

Videos in Slides will autoplay and cannot be paused

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